The Nature of Karma

“The Divine Mother appeared in a vision and said, ‘When you save someone’s life, you take their karma.’”

This is how The Bardo, the first volume of Mother of Light: The Book of Fire opens.

It was an etheric darshan with Mother Meera, an Incarnation of the Divine Mother, that took place in 1996-7 or so; it provided critical insight into the pivotal dynamic, the axis around which the matters of my present incarnation had been revolving – without my knowledge – and would continue to turn, for a yet-undisclosed period of time. It’s a good way for me to open a conversation about the all-important topic of karma

Nothing has greater truth than that “necessity is the mother of invention”, a saying that expresses more about the secret purposes of human life than we know – and the grave need with which I was compelled to study the laws of karma has yielded perhaps a wider body of knowledge than others are forced to acquire. Of course, choice was important; I came into this life with ingrained desire to learn about the inner energies of the universe, so I remained engaged and highly focussed, instead of being driven out of the body as the flames rose higher, and scorched deeper. But these unusual circumstances notwithstanding, still we are speaking of comprehension basically limited to the human arena – when it comes to the mystic truths of the highest realities, only the Avatars, incarnations of the Divine, have whole knowledge. This must always be remembered, a caveat that covers anything I may be discussing anywhere in print, book or blog. It is our responsibility to learn all we can in our sojourns, while keeping in mind that what insight or wisdom we gain, in this or any other aspect of existence, is relative, and subject to truth on octaves yet “higher”. As Mother Meera reminds us, “There is no end to realization. You must always remember that you are traveling forward, and be attached to nothing. There is no end to the journey…”

Though it has taken humanity an excessive span of time (this time around) to open to the vaster universe – and our relationship to it – we are finally at the place where the concept of “wholism” – the inseparable links between every species, to each other, and then to the ecosystem for example – has re-emerged to penetrate the collective appreciation of the nature of reality. Some of us have even evolved from the awareness of patterns evident in the physical world – one species acting upon another, as I was saying – to intuit the larger context of the band of invisible force flowing in and around these elements (be they in the animal kingdom, or geographical, such as bodies of water) and beyond.

This energetic inner unity of all things is, of course, no secret to the spiritual adepts; it is known to be a living truth, and the highest essence of existence. To know this cosmic energy directly, and be united with it, is the focus of their lives. The laws of physics in the natural kingdom are but a material manifestation of the one force that is the omnipresent cause of the universe, in eternal relationship to other expressions of its own being.

“There is only one love and one energy.” Mother Meera

The earth plane can be viewed as an experiment in the experience of duality – the ONE consciousness falls asleep and proceeds to dream, in a sense, that all is separate and divided, each one endowed with sovereign being, and individual qualities unique to itself, intent, will, desire….This being can act, and in turn, be acted upon by other separate beings; every action taken will have its effect in this mutual hallucination. In the physical, visible world, the study of the intricate interrelationships between cause and effect, now divided from each other in the illusion, might be biology, or perhaps physics. But there is a plane of deeper energy, invisible to the human eye, where the immutable law of cause-bound-to-effect also rules – it is in this reality that the investigation can proceed into the realm of human experience and interaction; one aspect of this study is called, in the Eastern philosophy, karma. What you reap, you must sow…but it is due to the occult fact that this is so because you are what you sow, you are who you love, who you hate…though the hidden identity may be seen to be separated by the veils of time and space.

Here are a couple of mind-twisters to chew on before next time, Oct. 1:

  • Do you believe you only live once, or do you believe in reincarnation?
  • If you knew you could have something in the present that had negative consequences in a distant future, would you try to attain it?

That’s all for now. Junipur over and out?