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Hello, World! Welcome to the Book of Fire Letters. This is the first of many communications I will be sending to you. I’ve been a recluse for over 20 years – not just physically, but in cyberspace also. I know virtually nothing of the social network; though it is not a completely natural fit for Mother of Light, I’m going to jump in and see if I can learn to surf.

This series, posted twice a month, on the 1st and the 14th, will be fluid and wide-ranging. It will include such things as:

  • My thoughts around the two books I have written, with the express permission of Mother Meera; Volume 1, Mother of Light: The Book of Fire, The Bardo, out now on Amazon, and Volume II, Mother of Light: The Book of Fire, Tao of the Mother: Cantos of Fire-eating and the Art of Love in the 21st Century due out late winter 2010
  • Ideas on Mother Meera’s book Answers, Volume 1, that initiated my relationship with Her before I met Her physically in 1994
  • any and all topics of spiritual concern that have impacted me personally, including:

The Divine Mother
Gurus, Avatars, (and ‘false masters’)
Divine visions
The depth psychology of spiritual practice (sadhana)

I’d like to share a brief excerpt from the prologue of Tao of the Mother: Cantos on Fire-eating and the Art of Love in the 21st Century:

“The writing of this book was authorized by Mother Meera, a universally accepted Incarnation of the Divine Mother. And it has been called “ the hour of the Mother”, the 11thchime striking as I embark on this discourse; in my understanding it is the initiation of the entirety of the human collective, on the cusp of the cosmic age of Pisces, and that of Aquarius. The piece is meant to be a notebook about the concerns of spiritual practice in preparation for the passage….”

This is a good summation of the principle purpose for the existence of the dual volumes of Mother of Light – which, in my mind, are actually the two halves that combine to form one whole work: The Bardo is a wild ride, intentionally uncontained in many ways, providing the personal aspect of a history as it was unfolding, from the most extreme form of human crisis, to safe passage. There is just no substitute in the power to inform than the individual snapshot. But likewise, the musical phrase, so to speak, is not complete without pulling back to the wider scope of material threshed and gleaned, lessons extracted and translated, free from the dense slog of personal material. These two bookends offer direct, unconventional tools helpful in negotiating the seas of spiritual transition, for those engaged, willingly – or perhaps forcefully – in serious enquiry.

In the next post, I will be diving in head first with one of the most profound, yet minimally understood concepts in the whole realm of spiritual thought: karma. As abstruse and clothed in mystery as this theme is, you may wonder what it has to do with you; is it just a dusty, outdated abstraction, or superstition? It might become clear if you consider that your very reality in this moment, sitting in a body, reading a computer screen with the use of two eyes is, in itself, a perfect manifestation of karma, and the strictures of karmic law. It has as much to do with you as your being alive does…and a great deal more.

I will leave you with some things worth pondering until we communicate next time:

  • Do you believe in karma? Do you believe it is real?
  • If so, what do you think it really is? Do you think it has laws, or is just a form of capricious punishment for misbehaving?
  • Do you think it has limits? Can it be controlled, or escaped?
  • Does it serve any purpose?

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