Mother of Light

It all began with the words, “The Divine Mother appeared in a vision and said, ‘When you save someone’s life, you take their karma.’”

This is how Mother of Light: The Book of Fire – written with express blessing of Mother Meera, a universally recognized Incarnation of the Devi, the Divine Mother – was born.  Volume I The Bardo, is the autobiographical document that relates the choices, the events, the experiences of this arc described in the vision of Meera.

“The great saint, Ramakrishna, once said, ‘When it is time for a soul to  attain liberation, it is led to the Divine Mother.'”Tao of the Mother: Cantos on Fire Eating and the Art of Love in the 21st Century,Volume II of The Book of Fire, evolved as a synthesis on a higher level of hierarchy – extractions of lessons learned that can be utilized by a broader audience.  Created from direct experience, and supported on all sides by ample quotations from Sri Aurobindo, Mother Meera, the Siva Sutras and more, it is a window into the living practice of the Devi, as She labors to untie the knots binding the soul to the human dream.

Q: Are there other incarnations of the Divine Mother on Earth at this time?

MM: “Yes, many. Some will be known, others wish to remain a secret.

The work of each is different. Each expresses a different aspect of the Divine Mother.”…

(Mother Meera from Answers)

This has been called “the Hour of the Devi”, She of infinite faces, personalities and forms.  We are privileged to provide pages, and links to the three Incarnations of the Divine Mother most internationally recognized at this time: Mother Meera, Amritanandamayi, Karunamayi (the reader may take note that Karunamayi offers blessed sacred jewelry and objects in Her gift shop.)

Recently, the enterprise has expanded into Mother of Light, Ltd.  We are pleased to open our “gift shop” – more of a tool box, really – of certain accoutrements we feel strongly    benefit devotion and spiritual practice:

Crystals We offer full access to a shop for precious crystals, minerals and gems, an aspect of tremendous and enduring importance, as discussed in The Bardo, in particular. Visit  Flower/Vibrational Remedies These tinctures are of immense catalytic power, specifically for those approaching ‘escape velocity’ at this time. Visit AusAngels, source for Australian Bush Flower Remedies, and more..

…and be among the first to experience Lightning Series – Mantra Essences developed by Mother of Light, Ltd.

India Arts We are thrilled to offer a beautifully articulated avenue into the arts, textiles and jewels of India. Visit Exotic India Arts.

Sri Chakra Art It is indeed our honor to introduce you to the pre-eminent master in the world of Sri Chakra graphic art,  featuring Wes Wait, devotee of Sri Karunamayi.

Photo Gallery For some of my personal favorite reflections of the Devi, I have chosen three subjects from the rare,wild vistas of the super-natural universe, as inspiration for the viewer, with links to the respective photographers, for purchase of prints:

Roses, courtesy of Just Our Pictures Rose Photography

Lightning Strikes, courtesy of Michael Bath

Stars and Nebulae, courtesy of Jason Ware

Waves, courtesy of Clark Little