Introducing the New Mother of Light Ltd.

Hello, out there!  Already, 2011 has been a very different year for me – sort of spontaneously, of its own accord, the enterprise that began only in book form – the Mother of Light: The Book of Fire, Vols.I and II, (The Bardo, and Tao of the Mother: Cantos on Fire Eating and the Art of Love in the 21st Century) – has developed new petals on its bloom.  This has taken the shape of a gift shop experience, in a framework focussed around spiritual practice.

Before I tell you about the elements in our new shop, I want to explain a little about why this might be unusual for me, personally, and how it is meaningful now; the life story told in The Bardo traces a trajectory, kind of like the path of a rocket, out of the earthly sphere completely.  Though certain tools were allowed, and remained throughout the exodus – crystals, for example – by and large, accessories and adjuncts were passed through, and just left behind.  I was amazed, frankly, when a piece of writing, like a book, crystallized and fell to earth, and I certainly never visualized any additional “condensation”, so to speak; nor was I seeking any.
To my surprise, some specific tools and medicines of different kinds stepped forward as this year opened, to be made available for the process of spiritual expansion; I realized, as well, that this was indicative of a return to the world of form for me, at the same time.
Here, briefly, are the limbs to the Mother of Light Ltd. Gift Shop: they are comprised of products of our own, together with new affiliate relationships we feel are important for aspirants.  I will have more to say about them next month:
*Mother of Light Print Gallery: The “Rose Garden“, photography of the special roses of the book covers, and more
*The Sri Chakra Gallery, unique compositions of highly inspired Sri Chakra mandala art photographs, individual prints, including the Magician, as seen in the website.

*Mother of Light Vibrational Medicine: this includes highlights of specific remedies I have found to be especially catalytic for spiritual process, through a fully-articulated affilliate company (meaning offering new formulations of vibrational essences, in addition to Bach Flowers) and introducing the Mother of Light Lightening Series: Mantra Essence.  For those of you who ever wondered how you could truly capture “lightening-in-a-bottle”, we are pleased to offer two tinctures:

The Thousand Names of the Divine Mother (Lalita Sahasranama)

Om Namah Shivaya

Both infused and concentrated into pure water from the Appalachian Mountains, through the use of massive Herkemer Diamond and ParaAmethyst crystal.

*Full scale availability of crystals and gems, through our new affilliate, Healing Crystals and more…

Well, that’s all for now, folks – state tuned, we should be up and running with the complete banquet of Light by the time I talk to you in March!
Junipur, overandout