Introducing Consultations!

Introducing Consultations! plus, a little, tiny rant..

Greetings, folks, as we race into 2011, (or, as some of us may feel, hurtling like a comet towards 2012) – I want to announce The Book of Fire Consultations, now available through the Mother of Light website.  Those of you who have read Volume I: The Bardo, already have some understanding of the depth and breadth of my trainings in many modalities; but for those who have not come across the book yet, (or maybe even the bio, on the site), I can offer a brief introduction to my palate.  This includes, but is not limited to: radical kundalini awakening at age 20 (1976) which initiated the following 35 years of intensive yogic practice, mostly in a cloistered, solitary environment; Shaktipat initiations from Swami Muktananda,in the physical as well as the astral; initiations from Sri Amritanadamayi and Mother Meera, both in physical and astral; in-depth studies/apprenticeships in shamanism, astrology, crystals, transpersonal psychology; 3rd degree Reiki initiation; degree in Massage Therapy and Natural Healing.

I invite all of you to come and begin a dialogue with me; I have the experience to address concerns of personal development, (or, as Carl Jung termed it, “individuation”), in addition to matters of spiritual/psychic evolution, from the level of the beginner to the more advanced.  Visit the website for details.
Let me add some thoughts on the subject of “pedigree”: the glossary of trainings/initiations/degrees an individual holds is a somewhat scary, ambiguous thing.  It can be incredibly meaningful, and turn out to be a clear indicator of the inner quality, expertise, and age of the soul of the holder. On the other hand, these acquired  markers may have no relevance at all.  A degree is a promise – not a substance – and today, promises of all kinds are being betrayed, unfulfilled.  These experiences may have fallen onto fallow soil, or been accumulated by a soul very ‘wet behind the ears’, and lacking in maturity.  (Meaning that there will be a limited crystallization or yield from the training, etc.)  The problem we face in the age of materialism is that we don’t know we have the problem – it is a matter of general acceptance and assumption that the external currency – be it diploma, plaque, what-have-you – is the sought-after value/quality, in and of itself.  Now, I am in no way whatsoever diminishing the real, irreplaceable importance of disciplines from the outer environment.  Not for a minute.  But no one seems to have the same level of urgent concern, the same care about the quality of the stewardship of the inner attributes of the individual.  Let me tell you, anyone who has been in dire need of support in their lives, and has put themselves in the hands of a variety of different ‘therapists’, (all with proper credentials, of course) knows full well that a degree is like any other label on a package: what is inside the box might live up to, or even far surpass the promise of the title; just as easily, that sticker might come off with the wrapping paper, leaving an empty carton.  And an empty box would be a best-case scenario for this eventuality, instead of one stuffed and overflowing with somebody else’s left-over refuse.
Even then, one man’s garbage is another man’s pearl of great price…I only say, be sharp, be smart, and learn to observe the energies of the inner planes – most especially if you are going to open your being to the influence of another, unknown quantity.  OK, rant now officially over!

Til next time,
Junipur over and out