Preview: Mother of Light The Book of Fire Vol 2

“The New Book is almost Here! “

Volume 2, the final installment of the Mother of Light: Book of Fire is in the works,  and we are racing to make our end-of-2010 deadline, folks..Tao of the Mother: Cantos on Fire-eating and the Art of Love in The 21st Century is the synthesis and tincture of the knowledge and experience gained in the journey  traced in Volume 1, The Bardo, for those who want to go straight to the heart of the matter, without the circuitous climb up the mountain…I will have more to say about this as the time grows closer, but for now I’m posting the Prologue, to get you thinking about it….

Dear Reader,

The writing of this book was authorized by Mother Meera, a universally accepted Incarnation of the Divine Mother.  And it has been called “the Hour of the Mother”, the 11th chime striking as I embark on the discourse; in my understanding, it is the initiation of the entirety of the human collective, on the cusp of the cosmic Age of Pisces, and that of Aquarius.  The piece is meant to be a notebook about the concerns of spiritual practice in preparation for the passage, but I have entered the topic through the doorway of psychological approach – what we citizens of the ‘new age’ would have called “process”.  Among other things, I hope through the course of the journal to discuss: how psychological work, and spiritual practice are the activity of one and the same principle, differing only in name relative to the age of the aspirant, the maturity of the intent in the continuum of consciousness; that it is the agency of the Divine Mother – also named “Maha Shakti” – who comprises both the inner being pursuing the labor, as well as forming the living stream of intelligence, knowledge and power creating and guiding the birth of transformation on any point on the arc, whether it be termed “therapy”, or “sadhana”.  And whether the goal be resolution with one’s parents, integration of personality, or whole liberation of the soul from bondage.

I worried a bit when I was contemplating the writing of this book; while for me, these fields of contemplation, (and at such a pitch of intensity) are endlessly fascinating and hypnotic, I realize many find them dry, inaccessible…or worse, just pointless.  If you find yourself searching for a reason to embark on some arcane study, I can but offer my own personal experience of the odyssey: I want to say spiritual practice is the pursuit of the wild.  Beyond even instinct, it is primal, universal response to the irresistible call of the untamable, unquenchable wild.  It is the human mind, in its arbitrary conceptual framework that is the finite, and the dead.  But like everything in life, your interest depends on how you perceive things; how you see is, in turn, shaped and colored by what you really want.

It is my hope, as we are perched on a cliff overlooking the abyss, that these pages can add something fruitful  to the dialogue in which we, as a people, are now engaged.  But in the end, every path is a secret, inner way, singular to the unique individual. And no one knows the child but the Universal Mother – She alone possesses the book of the soul wherein is written, in letters of light, each intimate turn, step, sequence…the locks, the keys.  I would not presume to outline lists of rules, or “things” to hold close.  My intent has been to shed one beam on discerning the inscrutable way of the Divine Mother as I understand it – albeit from a limited human perspective – perhaps illuminating some syllable of Her language. Best of luck to us all.