The Green Lantern Meets Star Wars – Yoga Disguised as Science Fiction

July 1, 2011

Q: “My mind is always creating difficulties.  What should I do?”
MM: “Give me your mind without fear and I will transform it. When the heart suffers, it is easy to transform its suffering into joy, but when the mind creates and lives in a fantasy, it is extremely difficult to change it.  So be very careful.  Do not let your mind become your worst enemy…Train it to be awake.  Train it to be lit up with spirit.  Make it a servant and not a master.” Mother Meera, Answers Volume I

It’s summer BlockBuster time!  Recently, my one true friend, Baby Ed, took me to see one of the latest reincarnations of a Marvel Comics creation, The Green Lantern.  Now, most of us aware of spiritual pursuits have observed – all the way back to J.R.R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings trilogy – the esoteric, mystic principles described on those pages, only thinly veiled.  Deeper than even the political philosophy that is the foundation of much of the best “science fiction”, it is ancient alchemy that is clothed in the garb of “fantasy” and “imagination”; these frequencies and codes speak directly to the unconscious knowledge of the human soul, if the conscious awareness has become separated from the eternal Truth.
No doubt, I’m always up for good science fiction – I can get escapist fun, and be expanded and elevated at the same time.  This summer, I’ve noticed a real intensification and focus to the translation of the mystic teachings in our vacation fare – they are a little less silly.  Less trivial and aimless.  Like the drilling of a well, I have witnessed a plumbing to greater depths of actual metaphysical work, with a feeling of serious intent. Take Green Lantern, for example – looking past the requisite spandex suit and mask, we are presented with many core axes of yoga.  The lovely Ryan Reynolds is the protagonist who takes us with him, as he falls unwittingly into the worlds of spiritual forces beyond his comprehension.  We are beside him as he is introduced to the basics of the science of Consciousness: how mind is the projector/creator of external (and internal) experience, how the formless power of will is the omnipotent force that drives and directs this mighty engine to manifest limitless configurations in energy.
Most important, we are reminded, warned – in Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings – the unfathomable dangers of falling into slumber, succumbing to the sloth of ignorance of these eternal principles of the inner Reality.  We believe we can afford to sleep, right up until the moment we are crushed to death by the Laws of Consciousness.
Well, by my figuring, the crushing is well underway – that’s for certain.  The only question yet unanswered is, really, who is going to be swallowed up by the waves….and who is going to remember themselves?
Have fun at the movies, folks!

Junipur over and out