Sri Chakra Art

Wes Wait

Rishis in the Hindu tradition, while in deep meditative states, cognized the existence of the Sri Chakra, an archetypal pattern expressive of sacred vibration.

This series of Sri Chakras by Wes Wait are contemporary interpretations of this ancient Hindu symbol. Its inherent healing and purifying power is such that it alters the energy of any environment it’s placed in and is generally used for visual meditation. The Sri Chakra is seen as the symbol of all of manifest creation and the visual representation of the Divine Mother.

Dr. Hans Jenny, a pioneer in the field of cymatics, the study of the interrelation-ship between energy and matter, conducted a series of experiments on the Hindu mantra “OM”, utilizing a tonoscope which is a device that transforms sounds into their visual representations on a screen. Dr Jenny found that when “OM” was correctly intoned into a tonoscope, a circle appeared which is then filled in with concentric squares and triangles, finally producing, as the last traces of the ‘M’ disappear from the screen, the core structure of the Sri Chakra. These experiments are a scientific confirmation of what the Rishis had cognized.

Artist Bio

Born in Utica, New York, Wes started creating art at a very early age. His art education included study with Dr. Robert Bannister a renown watercolorist who was instrumental in Wes receiving a Ford Foundation Fellowship to continue his studies at The Museum Art School in Portland, Oregon. Starting as a fine artist Wes soon found himself majoring in graphic design. By his second year, he was offered a position with Sunn Musical Equipment Company which at that time was producing the most avant garde visual statements in the music industry.

Commissioned projects spanned World’s Fair exhibits, major corporate identities, collectable books, to a wide range of collateral material for a variety of industries. These commissions were always a strong personal statement that spoke to the desires of each client.

His artwork is derived from the silence experienced through many years of meditation. This desire to reveal his true nature has brought forth transcendental images that reverberate inspiration, comfort and support for ones journey for truth.

You can find more of Mr. Wait’s amazing art of the sacred symbol in his online gallery.

His art is also available for purchase through his online gallery.  During the order process, please be sure to mention that you found him through Mother of Light.