Mother of Light, Ltd. is proud to present Lightning Series….

” What if you could capture the grace and power of Mantra…in a bottle?”

Yes, folks, we are literally days away from having Lightning Series available on-line – this is a vibrational essence that will be immensely beneficial and catalytic to all those pursuing spiritual practice of any tradition – and to humanity at large, desiring a tincture carrying the concentrated vibrational signature of the Name of God.
In future blogs, I will have a lot to express about vibrational essences – flowers, and those of other sources.  For you who have read The Bardo, (volume I of Mother of Light: The Book of Fire) you already know that my relationship to external tools for sadhana (light-work, spiritual practice) has always been sort of precise and selective; anything outside of oneself, no matter how perfect or beautiful, is a sword that cuts both ways.  The risk of attaching to that catalyst, and/or projecting the inner power onto it, is ever-present – it is the nature of consciousness, in untrained human form, to externalize. By the same token, though, when a tool is required from the manifest outside reality, nothing will proceed unless it is forthcoming.
So for myself, I took care never to be random – the world is crowded with millions of ‘toys’ and techniques, only a few of which are really yours, at a given point in time.  All others will increase the field of static.
This brings me to vibrational essences – they were on my radar for an interval, in the ’80’s, but soon fell away, vanishing into the background.  But when they resurfaced, they returned in a way that was forceful and clearly directed – and my entire consciousness was exploded in catalytic impact, with a horizon lit up that was limitless.
In a matter of moments, the Lightning Series came spontaneously into being, of its own accord; from the specific, focussed vibrations of select blossoms, or stones, or environments, one naturally reaches for the single vibrational core that creates all these, and is inherent in all that is manifest.  This is the MahaShakti, the living power emitting from the Names of God.  Lightning Series I is the tincture deriving from the Thousand Names of the Divine Mother (Lalita Sahasranama), captured and concentrated with immense intensity through a massive Herkemer Diamond crystal, and a huge ParaAmethyst.  Lightning Series II carries the infusion of Om Namah Shivaya, the Name of Shiva, rendered into a tincture through these crystals, as well.  Further, this liquid lightning ,with crystals, has been radiated for many hours in direct sun – and, for good measure, spent nights on the surface of the large Reiki Master Symbol Generator (2’by 2′) possessed only by those holding 3rd master degree in Reiki.
These essences will be available in mother-tincture for internal imbibing, and in pendant, for wearing.

later, out there
Junipur, over and out