Book of Fire Friends

Exotic India

First, for your browsing pleasure, experience the banquet of Exotic India, one of the finest world-bazaars for all things exquisite of East Indian origin:

“Exotic India is the Internet’s largest resource for 18 karat Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry, hand embellished with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Designers must visit our collection of faceted and cabochon Gemstone Beads, along with Sterling Silver Beads and Findings.

View our enchanting selection of hand-woven, hand-embroidered Textiles, including ethnic Saris; Jamawar and Pashmina Shawls; fashionable and chic Tops and Skirts; Salwar Kameez both ready to wear as well as made-to-order; Kurta Pajamas for men, and more.

A near unending collection of Sculptures and Paintings, covers various aspects of Hindu culture and Buddhism. Includes Miniature Paintings; Madhubani Folk Art; Thangkas; Batiks, Oil Paintings; statuary in Brass, Stone, Copper as well as Temple Wood carvings. Created by award winning artisans and craftsmen.

Our Bookstore offers not easily available titles on Indian Art, culture, religion, Yoga, and spirituality.”

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And no Book of Fire gift shop would be complete without a superb source for crystals and minerals, which have such a great presence in Mother of Light: The Book of Fire, as they continue to do in the life of the author. The imminent crystal healer, Katrina Raphaell, sums up the topic perfectly in the first paragraph of her classic, Crystal Enlightenment:

“The crystal story has many versions and numerous authors. Legends and folklore date back to the beginning of the human race, when it was believed that crystal forces set the electromagnetic field of the earth so that human souls could incarnate. Legends of the ancient continent of Atlantis tell us that crystals generated power for entire cities, and it was the abuse of these energies that resulted in the eventual destruction of that civilization. Some Egypologists speculate that the magnificent Egyptian pyramids were capped with crystals to channel cosmic forces into these geometrically perfected structures. Many civilizations, cultures and peoples have used crystals and stones for a myriad of purposes – from healing and protection to the most powerful initiations.”

Among crystal enthusiasts, it is known that certain persons have a pre-ordained inner connection to this magical mineral realm. These can be considered “seers”; the crystals that gravitate to them are usually very numinous and powerful. I

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