2012: Thoughts on Turning Lead into Gold

Dear Who-ever-is-out-there,
I’m sequestered here in the massive Arctic blast, trying to find the pieces of my mind to address the last blog of the year 2010.  Suddenly, I find myself compelled to do something I had never planned, which is to relay the substance of a visitation I had from Mother Meera, some year-and-a-half ago.  The essence of Her message is all you really need to know; it confirms what is accepted knowledge to many in present day, while seeming a remote or fanatical rumor to others.  Here it is:


She did convey some details, but I don’t feel it necessary to express them – the portent of the date speaks for itself.    I don’t see my role, whatever that is, as a soap-box speaker, or a town crier – it’s not anywhere in my DNA – so when I received the vision, confirming definitively what I had always known full well, it was not my first thought to pick up a megaphone, literally or figuratively.  The imponderable weight of the time on earth, whether or not you are tune with apocalyptic prophecy, is crushing us all anyway.  I wondered, how can I possibly lay one more straw on the back of the collapsing human race – the one I love so desperately, regardless of having been driven into exile  over the decades, by its various members?
Then I contemplated again about the bloody trail of my own life, about the real purpose and message written out in The Bardo; I remembered,once more, that the whole point was that I had, in my individual, separate existence, faced in advance the very configuration of catastrophe now rising in a tidal wave before the collective.  I had created the identical no-exit-no-way-out dynamic through indulging in the same tragic human flaws we are, as a whole, mired in today: arrogance, impatience, adolescent immaturity, and obstanance, to name a few.  My one saving grace was some deeply ingrained capacity for ruthless, cutting-to-the-bone inquiry – part of a Scorpio influence, maybe.
As the landscape of this incarnation truly dawned on my consciousness, with all its implications and necessary outcomes, I knew the only resolution was in the turning to face the adversaries of my invention – lock them dead in my sights – and hurl myself into a battle to the death.  There was no room for the courtesies and elegance of cheerful, ‘positive thinking’, avoiding negative feelings, ‘staying in the light’, in the way these concepts have come to be thrown around indiscriminantly. You must first create – from your own hard work, and victories on the field – the conditions where the Light can exist within you, before you can ‘stay’ in it.
Here’s my point, then. We are in the time of lead..the last hours of the Piscean Age are of this quality of impermeable opacity and darkness. The only way to reach gold is not through painting with thicker coats of gilt over what is fundamental shadow and unredeemed consciousness..we can’t lie our way out of it this time.  With terror and trembling, we must see the truth as it is, and try our best to stand with each other, and hold each other up as we prepare for the fight.
With this in mind, I say in this last blog of  2010: 2012. It is on the approach. We better stand up, or die trying.
See you on January 1.
Junipur, over and out